Our Story

Spring Creek Brewing Company is a destination craft brewery/pizza restaurant located in the Avimor community just north of Eagle Idaho on HWY 55. The co-founders, Jeff Badigian and Marc Grubert grew up together and have been friends since early childhood. They reconnected as adults over a shared passion for home brewing and the love of good food, good friends and the great outdoors. Their 'Eureka" moment came at a backyard BBQ in the summer of 2017 while sharing home brews and grilled home-made pizzas on a perfect summer evening. They wanted to create a place that would feature artisan beer, food, music and experiences that included the surrounding beauty of the Boise foothills. As they dreamed about opening their own place that evening a seed was planted and by the following Monday a commitment was made to form and launch Spring Creek Brewing Company...which was aptly named for the creek that runs through their property. Fast forward four years through public fund raising, construction, and a pandemic and what you have is exactly what the founders set out to a community space where folks can enjoy an authentic craft experience while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding foothills.